Sunday 24 October 2010

Five Faves #31

The weeks are flying by and I find it hard to believe that this is my 31st set of Five Faves!
Maybe it's time for a change? I don't know. I see so many beautiful things each week, it's nice to share a few special ones with you. What do you think?

Today's collection is loosely based on the word Little.
Hope you like them!

1) Favourite Little Encounter

2) Favourite Little Friends

3) Favourite New Little Objects 

4) Favourite Little Ones' Vintage Finds


  1. Just adore the finger puppets. I remember stumbling across them on Etsy a while ago. Love the fact it's your 31st set of 5 faves... I think there's plenty of reasons why many more should come our way!!

  2. Oh merci!.... (pour les carnets, je ne sais pas encore), bon dimanche!

  3. Oui continuez cette rubrique que j'adore , toujours des trouvailles qui font rêver ! Samantha

  4. I love your favourite 5s, Deb! I'm just amazed you find so many every week... amazed and inspired by all the creative people in the world, that is ;) Kx

  5. continue!!!
    et je suis totalement fan de cette photo de christichou et de toutes les autres aussi d'ailleurs...

  6. Oooh, I love your picks! Congrats on the 31 faves post... can't wait to see more. Those photos on the french blog were amazing! Love them....

  7. Fan de Christine , ses photos , son joli monde!


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