Sunday 24 October 2010

Etsy Finds - Stig Lindberg

I don't normally post anything other than my Five Faves on a Sunday but it's raining and everyone's having an afternoon nap after our trip to the ice-rink this morning.Yawn!
 I thought I'd nip in quickly and show you these two fun illustrations that I found on etsy yesterday. Taken from a vintage Swedish children's book called "ABC" by  Stig Lindberg and Britt G. Hallqvist (1953), I think these two pages would look great framed in a children's room, regardless of whether or not you understand Swedish. You may have noticed that I have a weak spot for circuses, and I like vintage finds and foreign languages, so...


  1. These are great! I have a soft spot for circuses & vintage finds too.... :) Hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

  2. These are gorgeous! And bonus for me, they are written in my native language!!

  3. So gorgeous!! I totally agree, or an adults room....xo


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