Tuesday 5 October 2010

Mimi or Maisy?

Some days she's Mimi la souris and others she's Maisy the mouse, depending on whether or not my kids are in an English or a French-speaking mood.
Whatever she's called though, I know that both Miles and Savannah would have loved to have this little handmade soft toy and tote set when they were little - very sweet indeed!


  1. Wonderful idea to have the toy in a bag. The chunky knitting is very nice.

  2. We have a Maisy story, 'Maisy in the Bath' in which Taloulah the Duck strips down to her undies and jumps in the bath with Maisy.

    My four-year-old son still laughs his head-off when he sees the illustration of Taloulah pulling her dress over her head to reveal her spotty undies. And of course, I have to laugh too!

  3. hello deb!
    oh yes, my anabel loves this mouse as well, i had to read her as many as 2 of the books tonight :) in german this lovely creature is called MAUSI. (i have no idea if the latvians have adopted the series as well)..


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