Friday 22 October 2010

Les Migrants

I've started my Christmas shopping! Last weekend I went into Montpellier and bought a few very special children's books to put away, starting with Camilla Engman's beautiful, beautiful Il N'est Jamais Trop Tard book, which I mentioned here. I 'll share my other finds with you later.

A couple of weeks ago I read this excellent post about Migrando, a picture book illustrated by Mariana Chiesa Mateos and published by Orrecio Acerbo Editore. I have nothing to add to Amy's post except -  please buy this for your family if you can! I managed to find a copy in French here and I am looking forward to exploring Mariana's poetical work with my three children.

" A tous ceux qui ont quitté leur lieu de naissance pour réexister ailleurs"
Mariana Chiesa Mateos


  1. It's a wonderful book and it's translated in portuguese too! Happy weekend:)

  2. I agree, this book would make a beautiful Christmas present!

  3. Deb where did you find a copy?

  4. ce livre m'intéresse, merci pour la version française et la vidéo. Je fais passer l'info.

  5. I can't wait to see what you give your children for Christmas.


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