Friday 1 October 2010

A Passion

I'm in awe. People like Marie Mrnavkora are the reason I love blogging so much.
When she's not busy looking after her three young girls (5, 2 and 7 months old), Marie makes some of the most beautiful handmade toys I've ever seen. 
Her textile fairytale gloves, each based on a different story, are a work of art.

Admire all the details in her Germination textile book, her work really is amazing.  

 But that's not all! Marie and her husband also create toys for their own toy company Sapito (Big Top) which they set up in 2002, AND Marie authors one of the most interesting toy blogs on the web. If you like discovering new crafters/makers such as Jou Jou, this is definitely one to bookmark!


As you can see, Marie Mnarvkora is quite a lady! I hope you'll be as inspired as I am by her passion for toys -  shops and blogs like these stand out from the crowd and in my opinion deserve to be better known.


  1. Wow! They really are amazing Deb. Great find :) Kx

  2. Le travail de Marie Mrnavkova est ravissant, on sent l'enfance dans ses créations. C'est touchant.

  3. Adorable! Finds like this one makes me wanting another baby... (no, NOT a good idea and NOT the right reason...) Luckily I have a niece who's still in the right age for these!

  4. Many thanks for the nice article, I am honored.This blog is a great discovery for me with inspiring contributions and authors. Thank you, Deborah, that I'm here too.

  5. Deborah, ce post est incroyable ! Merci pour la découverte.

  6. wow! Thanks for sharing this. Marie is so talented, such beautiful work!!

  7. wow beautiful embroidery,how does she find the time? I've put all my projects on hold, and I only have one daughter... Amazing and inspiring!!

  8. Wow, thanks for sharing this - what a find!

  9. Hi Deborah,
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.
    I'm new on this blogging scene. I realize now that I should have mentioned that I found it through you. Sorry about this faux pas in blog etiquette.
    I hope that the fact that I have you on my favorite blogs list since the very beginning consoles you a bit.

  10. Michala Loudinova1 November 2010 at 23:59

    Hi, 6 years ago I decided to start an eshop selling mostly Czech made toys and Marie Mrnavkova and her husband were one of our first suppliers. I'm so glad for her to read these words of admire as I think she is the best in Czech Republic when it comes to handmade toys. Yes, I definitely agree with you " Marie makes some of the most beautiful handmade toys I've ever seen." And even most beautiful ones since her daughters were born even though maternity is sometime very exhausting with great lack of sleep but I believe a very inspiring for Marie as well. I admire Marie for her work and every new toy I can touch, when it arrives to our store, is a great joy for me! I wish we had more to sell:-)

  11. Stunning collections, here! So Inspiring, Thanks Deborah!


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