Tuesday 26 October 2010

Marvellous Muji

I know one little five-year old who'll be pleased that I shopped at Muji this Christmas...
Yet another wonderful collection of wooden toys.
Thanks for the heads up Martushka!


  1. Wow! THESE ARE AWESOME! I think I want to get the first one.

  2. je ne savais pas que Muji faisait toutes ces merveilles... je vais aller voir. Bonne journée

  3. Je trouve que muji online UK est mieux que la version française. Mais je crois qu'il ya de vrais magasins muji à Paris, non?

  4. Love Muji :) I always stock up whenever we're over your side of the world... never thought to check out the online shop (duh!) Thanks for the link Deb! Kx

  5. Thank you for pointing Muji out! Great toys & gift ideas!
    Have a nice day!

  6. after all the years I lived in London Muji was quite plain, it's lovely to see they've expanded to be exciting, and still good quality, love the cities in boxes!
    great find! thanks :) Amy

  7. I love shopping at Muji, sadly there is no store in the Netherlands jet!


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