Wednesday 27 October 2010


Almost ten years' old now, the box is battered and torn but how my three children love playing with Kapla. I will probably do a few Christmas Gift Guides at some point but if I were to choose just one present for children of all ages it would be this. My children play for hours with it and amaze me with their patience, precision and creativity. 
You can buy different sized packs and colored versions too if you prefer. We bought our set from this brilliant shop but I think it's fairly easy to find in France and abroad. I noticed this Citiblocs set in the States the other day for those across the pond.


  1. hI Deborah :)

    I think you have to like this woman: Ana Moraes

    Hugs from Spain and thanks for your beautiful blog.
    meni :*

  2. Same here! We've had the Kapla box for years, and the children use them over and over again, at the moment for building playmobil houses and furniture. Kapla really proves that it is often the most simple things that become the best toys, as they encourage creativity and imagination!


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