Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Inspiration: Colour & Wood

Vintage Miniature Dolls' Playhouse Toy Accessories

Vintage Italian Cake Toppers

Vintage Miniature Wooden Doll's House Accessories

Collection of Vintage Wooden Building Blocks

Vintage Wooden Abstract Blocks
Sorry, I had a busy day yesterday (Bank Holiday in France) so it's going to have to be a "Colour My Tuesday" this week.
Hope you find inspiration in this bright and cheerful collection of vintage wooden toys and beautiful collages by Brighton-based Eleanor Rudge. Enjoy!

P.S. A special Hello to Maisie, my latest, nine-year old follower - Maisie you made my day!


  1. You will make her day when she sees this! She's home from school, poorly, so this will cheer her up no end...as will the links in you above post....just up Maisie's street! Thank you Deb! Plus, love these collages.

  2. Devine Deb. I LOVE all the miniatures and want them all!!! You are bad you know tempting me like this xo

  3. vintage wooden blocks...
    my favorite!
    those are wonderful!

  4. Mais que tout est joli, j'aime !


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