Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Route 66 #2

I thought it was about time I revived my Route 66 feature that I started long ago. If you remember, the idea was to have a look at what children around the world were watching on TV in 1966, the year that I was born. Mary, Mungo and Midge was one of favourite programmes. Created in 1969 by John Ryan for the BBC, Mary, Mungo and Midge, was one of the first British children's animations to be set in an urban environment. Does anyone else remember that lift?

I've also discovered another wonderful link via Smaller. 

 If you enjoy classic cartoons from the UK, Czech Republic, Latvia, Hungary and France...and like me, try to find things for your children that are a little off the beaten track, have a look at Bunnyears.tv, a free web tv station for three years and up created by Judy Blumstock. New episodes are posted every Wednesday morning and this week's programmes include The Clangers (!), another of my favourites, Bagpuss and the lovely Chapi Chapo. A real little gem not to be missed!


  1. Fantastic! So up my street! Can't wait for the kids to come home to show them :^)

  2. Yes I remember it well, I got copies of all these programmes for my own kids Our favourite is Noggin the Nog, I love Mr Ben as well.

  3. Aaah wonderful memories! thanks for reviving!

  4. M,M and M - I loved it, especially the flower-bed at the beginning. It's really stuck in my mind all these years!


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