Wednesday 9 June 2010


I keep stumbling upon sweetness, hope you don't mind?
I came across Abracadabra's little brooches, pocket dolls and dashing men friends a couple of days ago and really like their faces and the designer's use of colour.
The shop is in French but you can pay online if you see anything that tickles your fancy.


  1. Thanks you so much for your sincerely & nice comments on my Wabi & Sabi blog. Your blog is a really pearl and I love it.

    At the moment I have a short blog break, for a few weeks more. Please don't forget me ;)

    By the way, in my last post, I have a wonderful giveaway, a Turkish Kelim Pillow, I promise you'll love it. I hope you want to be my guest in the contest.

    Love to You from Summer Sweden & Agneta

  2. Oh, where did you find all these wonderful things! They are wonderful!!!

  3. these are gorgeous...I love the colours too! :D

  4. The dolls are wonderful. I am going to show them to my lil daughter. She is into sewing all sorts of things and will be very very pleased. She just finished sewing a doggie....

    thank u thank u

  5. Tiens c'est rigolo, je suis dans les broches moi aussi !! Et merci pour le coucou shop.

  6. Alexandra Abracadabra27 December 2010 at 14:49

    Thank you... You welcome in my shop whenever you want... News créations coming..... Whish you all merry christmas Alexandra Abracadabra


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