Tuesday 22 June 2010

Emily Ulmer

In many ways, I see my images as a momentary impression of a point in time that we all leave behind - Emily Ulmer

I admit quite freely that I know very little about photography. However, occassionally I happen upon images like these and I am in intrigued. Los Angeles-based Emily Ulmer's children's portraits have a certain je-ne-sais-pas quoi about them, an atmosphere, a quality of light, that draw me in and make me want to find out more.

These two girls are especially captivating, don't you think?

Emily began her career by taking portraits of young people in that pivotal moment of transition from adolescence to adulthood. She has since become attracted to documenting childhood, and attempts to show the beauty of this key moment in life in its most natural state, photographing children in their own environments.

Emily is currently doing commissioned portraits as well as children's fashion stories, and can be contacted via her professional website. I hope we'll be seeing more of her work in the very near future.


  1. Oh wow... yes, I am totally captivated! All of these photos are so incredibly evocative - a million stories could be made from them. Thanks for sharing these Deb. I'm having a bit of a kiddy photo day myself so it was funny for me to see these here :)) Kx

  2. It is so nice to have some time on the Internet to be able to check out all the wonderful things you find to post. I am always inspired by your blogs, so it is great to be able to play catch up. Love these lovely photos of childhood....

  3. not feeling these at all. i dont see any real technique to these photographs.

  4. I love the haunted quality of all these images and the questions they provoke. Must say I appreciate 'anonymous's' comment; sometimes I wish comments were more constructively critical in the blogosphere. However have the balls to put a name to it! Voila...

  5. Thanks for all your interesting comments on this post. I agree with Linda Dacey here - it's nice to see some constructive criticism for once. I like these photos, especially the two with the two girls. I really have no experience of photography but, like I said, I'm intrigued?
    Maybe it's because of the girls themselves? I don't know.

  6. I meant the two sisters with short hair.


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