Tuesday 1 June 2010


A nice cup of coffee and a piece of toast will do me fine, thanks. I can't say I fancy sheep's head first thing in a morning, or at any time of day for that matter (I'm a veggie you see). However, I do like the look of these 2D (TViVi) toys designed by Icelandic studio Hugdetta.
Roshildur Jonsottir and Snaebjorn Por Stefansson like the simplicity of plywood. They recently used it to decorate the walls at a children's rehabilitation centre

and have designed this multifunctional, stackable, four-piece set called Jon's Stool which can be used as a chair, a table, a train, a boat, a plane... Looks fun!

via: Next Door To Magic


  1. i luv the toaster!! you have such great eyes for spotting these fun and nice things! :)


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