Thursday 3 June 2010

The Mussukka

I'd like to introduce you to pig, bear and hedgehog, three little friends affectionately known as the Mussukka. They have their own blog, so we can find out what they're up to at home in Finland and follow them on their travels too. It's a busy life when you're a Mussukka!

These three little friends have acquired a taste for travelling and are ready to explore new shores. They've made themselves into some super-sweet cards

hoping to fly off to homes around the world.

Tiring work though, all this travelling.

Better have a quick nap before they start!


  1. I´m so honored about this post. Thank you so much, this is wonderful! I can´t thank you enough.
    One thing about the name. It´s Mussukka not Mussakka :) Mussakka reminds me of that greek dish with eggplants :)

  2. I'm so, so sorry about the name, I know what a pain it can be (everybody gets kickcan & conkers wrong too...)I've changed it ofcourse - sorry!!!

  3. They're the cutest things, in a non-cutesy way!

  4. So gorgeous, love them and love their little blog.
    thanks Deb!x

  5. That´s all right :) I love this anyway. Sunny days for you!

  6. What intripid travellers they are; and cool too; be great to run into them one day...

  7. great!
    so :) about this!!!

  8. Ohh so cute!! I am off to check their blog!!


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