Wednesday 9 June 2010

Gold Mining

If you've been following my blog and /or tumblr for a while, you'll know how much I love Russian/Soviet and Eastern European art. I'm always drawn to it and try to feature as many past and present artists, illustrators, designers, crafters, makers and shops as I can. I really try to be different. I like finding unusual, special things to write about and that often means hours of trawling the web with my trusty online translator at hand. However, sometimes I don't have to look too far to strike gold.
Some of you may remember my post on Redstone Press' diary, which I bought and use every day. I've had my eye on this excellent London-based publishing house ever since Christmas and have added their PlayBox, Psychogames and ABZ- Alphabets and Other Signs to our family collection of games and inspirational art books.
If you share my passion for great design, you may be interested in Redstone's new large-format postcard sets featuring work by and inspired by Mayakovsky and Karel Teige's brilliant photo-ballet. Both sets would make very affordable gifts and can be purchased from Redstone's online shop as from today.


  1. I have often wondered how much time you must spend coming up with all these wonderful things. I never get tierd of checking out your latest finds. Thanks for your kind welcome on my blog....I am really happy to be here.

  2. Super sympa cette chaise bébé.
    Super blog pleins de jolie choses.

  3. Aaaaah!!!! Your blog is as beautiful and intriguing as always. I am a huge fan of Russian/Soviet art and illustration too -- I wonder whether it's my slavic genes -- I have a wonderful book I have never posted from as it's too hard to choose what to leave out. Will do so soon though. :)

  4. oh those ballet cards are brilliant, they must go on my wish list. Fab find :)


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