Friday 11 June 2010

Shop Watch: Beetroot

Love Wallsticker - Magda Piwowar

It's no big secret that I love Polish design, I can't get enough of it in fact. I'm always featuring it on Kickcan & Conkers and have found some really nice things for my online shop.
I also love beetroot (I'm a veggie you see), so how I could not fall in love with beetroot online, a new Warsaw-based studio/store run by two Scottish lasses Helen and Louise (hey, I'm from West Yorkshire, so that's just North of the border, right?)?

Beetroot is committed to promoting contemporary Polish design outside of Poland and bringing fresh and exciting ideas to people all over Europe. Helen and Louise have invested a lot of time and energy meeting Polish designers and visiting cutting-edge design exhibitions, resulting in a beautifully curated collection of quirky, contemporary items for young and old alike.

Red Baba Mug - Katarzyna Herman-Janiec

Dancing Girls T-Shirt - Katarzyna Herman-Janiec

Palace of Culture Body - Katarzyna Herman-Janiec

Nodus Carpet - Aze Design

Krystal Lamp - Alexandra Adamczyk

Beetroot is also a supplier to retailers in the UK, so if you're interested in stocking any of their products I'm sure Helen and Louise would love to hear from you.

Beetroot Online

Polish inspired home and living accessories


Thanks Isabelle for introducing me to Beetroot last year and well done for the lovely photos!


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