Sunday 6 June 2010

Shop Watch: Happy Shop

I know it's not new but I just had to share...
Beautiful products, beautiful photography and beautiful presentation.
Yes, I can honestly say that I love everything about
Caroline & Géraldine's
Happy Shop


  1. good morning! i am up early and these lovely things sent me on a trail of inspiration v x

  2. Oh oui, cette petite boutique en ligne est absolument géniale… Leurs nappes et draps sont à tomber !

  3. Beautiful! I always LOVE your posts!

  4. I love it Deb! You do find the most wonderful things :) Kx

  5. Thanks for your lovely message Debs, this shop looks a real treat,I love your blog I am lazy an don't always leave a message but I do love your pages...and your flicker
    Hugs Lynn xxx


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