Monday 14 June 2010

Cathode Blue

I love old science books, charts and flash cards from the '50s and '60s, and teaching aids in general, so I have to admit that I was very tempted to buy this vintage molecule model for myself.
Bookmark Cathode Blue if you like old maps, globes and letters, they certainly appear to have a good eye for all things Old School.

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©Cathode Blue


  1. Ha har! I have just the thing for you.x

  2. Fantastic find Deb - love them all :) Kx

  3. I love all of these too...the Map is something which I really would love to have in our kitchen.
    Thanks for sharing such treasures.

  4. I have bookmarked this! i'm fascinated by the molecule model ... and the mechanical Steampunk Clock Spring :) Thanks Deb for sharing !

  5. fantastic stuff! would love to have the molecule model and the numbers. would love to use it at school!

  6. oh that molecule model brings back so many memories from my really tough science teacher in Classe de Seconde...we had the same exact ones!!! Thank you for the finds. you have such an eye

  7. Excellente trouvaille, celle ci je me la garde vraiment sous le coude!!!


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