Friday 8 April 2011

Big Kids & Birds

Visual artist/educator Lilly Blue (Sydney) and dancer/writer Jo Pollit (Perth) have chosen Birds as the first theme for their Australian based magazine-in-the-making  BIG Kids

Currently BIG Kids Magazine exists as a blog but will soon be in print form with the launch edition planned for Sept 1, 2011. The BIG 'First Flight' will feature many of the gorgeous bird contributions sent in by kids and artists in response to the two mothers' Bird Call, as well as awesome stories, activities, limited-edition pullout art work and plenty of secret kids' business...

Bird Boat by Lilly
"BIG will foster conversations and collaboration between emerging artists and kids. Between schools and the home playroom. Between emerging artists and established names. Between established artists and kids. Between kids and parents. Between parents and artists. Between kids and kids!"

Paper Bird Doll by artist Sarah Grenard

I've read the BIG Manifesto and shall enjoy following the learning process in the making-of this new magazine, with all its highs and lows.  

"BIG is a poetic and tangible place of ongoing discovery".

"Love Bird" Humphrey, 6, Perth

I hope you'll take the time to browse the BIG Kids Magazine blog, admire the children's and artists' colourful and imaginative contributions (images & words) and keep your eyes peeled for mention of the magazine launch in September (BIG will be available internationally). 

Good luck Lilly and Jo! 


  1. The owl is sooo nice! I love it.
    Have a look to my blog, its birthday time with a blog candy!

    Hugs, Therés

  2. I love the love bird.
    thanks so much for this link Deb, what a wonderful blog and project xo


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