Monday 25 April 2011

Five Faves # 51

Welcome back!
I hope you've all had a wonderful, relaxing Easter weekend.
What a difference a break makes, eh.
Raring to go? I hope so...

1) Favourite Easter Craft Tutorial -  Pilli Pilli*

 3) Favourite Frocks - Paper Dresses by Hazel Terry

4) Favourite Matryoshka - by the lovely Ekaterina Trukhan

5) Favourite Invite - Four guest posts for the French Anorak Magazine Blog, starting here

Merci Cathy and good luck with the new French magazine press launch on Wednesday!

à très bientôt ...

* via Cathy Cullis 


  1. Vraiment génial! Love Hazel's paper dresses...

  2. This is all so lovely that first bunny is my favorite, I wish I had one.

  3. :-D Thank you x

    Love the egg cup with hat, reminds me of a Noddy one I had when I was a child.

  4. Those Matryoshka dolls!!! Too cute for words!


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