Saturday 9 April 2011

Tonis & Marlen Bird Cushion Cover Giveaway

Win this beautiful handmade bird cushion cover by Marlen

 I have my faves, well all do, don't we?

Tonis & Marlen were one of my favourite finds last year.
An undiscovered treasure, a hidden gem,
This very talented couple from Estonia.
I admire their creativity, their resourcefulness,
Their seemingly effortless ability to make everything they need.

 Marlen sews

She sews toys for her little ones, I've shown them here before.

She sews clothes for herself, I'd love to call my own.

She sews quilts, placemats and pillow cases, I'd gladly welcome into my home.

She sews beautiful Bird cushion covers, I'm proud to offer you today.

If you'd like a chance to win this handmade linen and cotton cushion cover (50cm x 50cm) generously offered by Tonis & Marlen :
1) Leave me a comment below (making sure to leave me an email address)
2) Spread the news via twitter, facebook or any other means and you will get two names in the hat (make sure you let me know).

This giveaway runs until Thursday 14th of April at 6 pm, CET
I will announce the winner the same evening.

Good Luck!

 Si vous voulez une chance de gagner cette housse de cousin "Oiseaux" en lin et en coton, offerte par Tonis & Marlen, laissez-moi une commentaire. Vous avez deux chances si vous relayez l'info par twitter, facebook, ou tout autre réseau. N'oubliez pas de me laisser un email. 

Merci, et bonne chance !

Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh this is so gorgeous -- I love it. Would love to win! Hooray for such a fabulous giveaway, and such beautiful work! YAY! :)

  2. Gorgeous! How cute is that pillow? And I've loved her toys since the first time you showcased them. Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. these quilts melt my heart
    from across the miles...
    and now that a birdie pillow is
    a sweet possibility, methinks
    me heart warms again.
    c.r.i.s. would look nice on
    a small piece of paper, deborah.

  4. Beautiful! Please can I enter
    Karen S
    twannywun at hotmail dot com

  5. Hi!

    Marlen makes wonderful and unique items!

    I would be honored to win this lovely cushion cover.

    Thank you so much!


  6. OOOOOOH, Love! Sign me up please. :)

  7. Thanks for such a great giveaway! You know that I love everything that Marlen does so I would love to win! Have a great weekend, Stephie x

  8. Good Morning, Deb!

    This is just lovely and I didn't miss it! Yayyyyy! What a good start of my saturday :-)

    (Good morning to you too, Kristina! xoxox. I actually can see it sitting in your home, style wise.....maybe you would be a good winner!)

    Enough chitchat, Guusje

    You girls, have a lovely day and can't wait to have a peak in your shop (or maybe i should save first, i'm so, so broke... LOL)

  9. Beautiful. What a great find and giveaway. Happy weekend to you, too.

  10. oh, how beautiful!! I would like to win it, certainliy :) wish you a nice weekend!

  11. Christina Oretga - 2nd chance - facebook

  12. Hi Deborah! A beautiful giveaway! Is it international? I love the grey background and the bright birds!
    Thanks and best regards from Barcelona,
    martaplayita at gmail dot com

  13. You never fail to share truly awesome creations by talented folk, most of whom I have not previously encountered. The work of Tonis & Marlin pretty much blows me away! thanks!

  14. How divine, Deb! Thanks so much for the introduction. Will pop over to her place now for a peek. J x

  15. Hi Deb I've added your giveaway to my sidebar. Crossing fingers in Hobart, Australia! J x

  16. ohhh! j'adore son travail que j'ai découvert, bah... ici. Merci!!!

  17. Oh, this is fabulous!! I SO hope to give this cushion a warm place on my couch! Pleasepleaseplease! ;o)

  18. Yes, like to win this cushion!
    willkommen at lupinus dot de
    i will also post it on my sidebar to my blog and in facebook!

    Greetings from Lupinus Salon, Therés

  19. Lupinus Salon - 2nd Chance, facebook/blog

  20. I love her work which I descovered here last year. Thank you!

  21. so many neat things on your site and this cover is really nice!

  22. I want to rest on this pillow:)
    Have a great day

  23. I really like, I hope for the best.

  24. Hi!
    I really like this pillowcase and would be evry happy and proud to become owner of it.

    Please give me two names in the hat as I give this giveaway a place in my sidebar

    My emailadress is available at my profile.

    Have a nice day!

  25. Wenn ich mitmachen darf, freue ich mich.
    Alles Gute

  26. Wow, her work is just exquisite. Thank you for showcasing her and for your lovely giveaway. x

  27. This is so lovely. Thank you.


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