Friday 8 April 2011

Tweet! Tweet!

Hato Po Po Kun  by Yumiko Froehlich

I'm blogging outside on the balcony today. 
We have squirrels in the garden and lots and lots of birds.
Blue Tits, Blackbirds and a Family of Jays 

I hope you like birds, Yumiko does and so do I.
I'm feeling inspired...
Today will be a Bird Day on Kickcan & Conkers


  1. Just reading your blog outside listening to the birds and looking at the green view in Yorkshire! I love birds so I'm looking forward to your next post.

  2. this is the sweetest little bird, and your backyard sounds like a gorgeous hive of activity!
    Yumiko's work is gorgeous!

  3. Ah, Hato popo kun is here. Your backyard seems quite lively, maybe he'll go there for the next holidays and make a lot of friends !

    Thanks !!


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