Friday 22 April 2011

Liza Rendina Giveaway Winner

How wonderful to see so many of you joining in these giveaways.
I really do appreciate all of your comments, tweets, blog posts and sharing on Facebook; not for me, but for the person generously offering one of their creations. 
I think we all agree that Liza's work is beautiful, and I hope this little bit of exposure will help her develop her business and make it grow from strength to strength. Good luck Liza!
And now for the winner. Are you ready?
Random. org has picked No. 4 - Hazel Terry.

Congratulations Hazel, I know you'll be thrilled to bits!

Commiserations to the rest of you, but never fear, I have another lovely treat for you coming soon...

Have a wonderful Easter Weekend mes amis!



  2. Cheers Hazel!
    A treasure, have you,
    through and through,
    yes, you do!!!!!!


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