Thursday 14 April 2011

Graça Brohm

I know it's selfish, but Graça Brohm's blog is one of those addresses that you almost want to keep for yourself because it's so special. At least, I think so.

I have mentioned Graça's work a couple of times, actually. Remember her lad with a paper hat? And Nordeville, her colloborative project with Anne Walk ? 

Today, I wanted to show you some of her new work, a small series of miniature paintings commissioned by a new shop in Amsterdam. Gouache on wood, hand-sawn, sanded, painted and varnished by Graça, I think this little grouping of artwork would look stunning in a boy's room, don't you? 

I really appreciate Graça's clean, well-defined style. 

I've had my eye on her hand-moulded and handpainted clay magnet sets for a long time, admiring both the product and the presentation.

Perfect! And again, what a lovely gift these would make.

Graça is inspired by nature, folk art, fables, music and the people who surround her.She likes small worlds, small scale, precision and detail.

Have a look at Graça's portfolio and beautiful website. Her papercuts and tiny screenprints really are outstanding.

You can purchase Graça's work via her blog and shop (spider on the website). She is also in the process of setting up an etsy store, so please watch out for that!  


  1. Fabulous work - thanks for the link! x

  2. I like the the miniature painting! Very interesting idea!

  3. oh heavenly, i will share on BT with a juicy big thank you link :)

  4. super find - and look forward to see your new look and shop :)


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