Tuesday 19 April 2011

Hanging There

Just hanging there
Waiting for the kids
To come home from school
And play

Bright sunshine
The garden's alive, buzzing, bursting, teeming
Flowers and grass knee high

Out of storage
Up with the hamacs
Just hanging there
 For Summer


  1. Looks like a perfect place to hang out!

  2. For three years on a row, we've been to the South of France in the spring break. This year we can't make it. Seeing this, I feel regret for me and joy for you! It's not that I have much to complain about, it's 20 degrees up here, which is more than we could ask for in April.

  3. Your lovely pics of lovely France make me very envious. What a wonderful place to return to after school.

  4. lucky you! you too have one of those little metal beds that seem ubiquitous in every french countryside home. enjoy!

  5. Sure is pretty where you live. I would love to come home from school to that spot too. Hammocks are wonderful! I hope you enjoyed your day!


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