Sunday 3 April 2011

Five Faves #49

Mary Moox - Into The Woods, Brighton

Well, as you can see, I'm back, sort of...beginning to feel as if K&C is a full-time job!
My shop's coming along well, I have changed my blog a bit and will soon be showing you a new couple of Kickcan & Conker friends... all in good time. I'm very excited, there's a lots happening behind the scenes, just need 32-hour days but I'm sure you know about that already!

I'm ready for my Five Faves, hope you are too.

1) Favourite Wall Decoration - Circle Shelf by Bride and Wolfe

Spotted in the latest issue of the fine, fresh LMNOP

2) Favourite Magazine - Toc-Toc-Toc 3 - In the UK

 (2 EUR for every copy sold will be donated to the Red Cross)

along with this poster for Japan (4 EUR, donated in its entirety)

3) Favourite Shop Teaser - Viola Sometimes

4) Favourite Handmade Objects - Wooden Animals by Artetage

5) Favourite New Little Book -  A Pocketful of Black Cats by Amy Blackwell

Some lovely links there, happy browsing and see you all tomorrow.


  1. Love those wooden animals, I am off to have a look x

  2. Love everything shown above. Can't wait to shop in the KC shoppe. Woot!

  3. I neeeeeed that circle shelf (including the toys!)

  4. Dear Deborah,
    I believe it's hard but you are doing such a great job! Support is what I'm sending to you.
    Get rest and have a great day tomorrow!

  5. Ooh I have a Mary Moox creature in a box I bought in Brighton a few years ago. It's just fab :-)

  6. Marvelous........Mary Moox.
    Now one of my top 5 creature maker person!
    thank you!

  7. That creature by Mary Moox is just to die for, so are those wooden animals.
    You're a genius xo

  8. Love them all! Adore the circle shelf and wooden ant eater! Thank you!

  9. patsyouell@hotmail.com15 November 2011 at 22:34

    Hi from me patsyouell in Ireland.
    You images and the whole way you put together this blog is so beautiful. I want you to know that I keep it as my Treat at the end of the week. Thats how wonderful your work is. Irresistible to peek at whenever I can.

  10. Thank you for your lovely message patsyouell,that's so good to hear and really made my day!


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