Monday 18 April 2011

The Blues

 Don't look so sad
It's Colour My Monday
Time to chase away the blues
And sprinkle your life with dots of colour

Talking of which, after a terrible night, Miles has woken up covered in spots. There's a German Measles epidemic here, so it could be that, or Chicken Pox. Looks like we're in for a difficult week...bear with me.


  1. Eeek I wish you a good week, I hope your son feels better soon.Lovely photos and color does help to chase the blues away.

  2. j'ai fait une vente avec cette créatrice ! elle est hyper sympa en plus. je lui ai acheté plein de mobiles pour mes cadeaux de noël. j'avais fais un article sur mon blog : elle a un très beau sens de la couleur et des matières.

  3. Oh dear. Hope he gets well soon!

  4. GOrgeous pics as always Deb.
    Hope Miles feels better soon xo

  5. Last monday i chased away the blues with the color pink. It worked. Hope your son feels better soon.

  6. Oh no! How is Miles feeling now? Hang in there....


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