Friday 1 April 2011

Let's Dance

Let's dance - It is the weekend after all!
I've been thinking about Marie-Louise Sundqvist's happy couple made from  recycled paper and wood all afternoon. I think they're lovely, I hope you do too.
My image of the day, then.
Have a super weekend!


  1. Wow! These are fabulous! So many beautiful things in your blog!

  2. Have a wonderful weekend Deb. x
    They are a happy couple, just like at the wedding I have been at this evening.

  3. After a week of capped internet access, I am ready for some dancing and lots of catching up with the goings on in Blogland! These make me smile - thanks for sharing them with us.

    Happy weekend to you too, Stephie x

  4. Aaah gosh they are always manage to find the cutest things!


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