Sunday 17 April 2011

Five Faves #50

  Love the styling & clothes - Little Miss Y*

 Gosh, can you believe it, 50 Fives Faves already?
Hope you've had / are having a fun weekend.
I've been busy working (Babiekins is coming out soon!) 
but managed to fit in some beach time, a flea and plenty of sunshine.

Shall we?

 1) Favourite Innovative Jewellery - Yasmin Ellis**

2) Favourite Hero Manufacturing Company - Roger Copple

3) Favourite Rainy Day Activity - DIY Farm Set from Pirouette Cacahouète

4)  Favourite Vintage Children's Clothing Shop - Petits Habits
(why oh why have I only discovered this now?)***

5) Favourite New Couple - Albert et Henriette
(sounds lovely, don't you think?)

à bientôt !



  1. I just discovered Albert et Henriette last week and I love her shoes so much!!

  2. Love the faves Debs - Petit Habits remind me of the lovely wee babywear shops I used to visit in Paris - so chic and such fun! Add the vintage tag and it's extra chic I think.

  3. Thanks for all of these wonderful links.... love them all.

  4. Wonderful finds- "petitshabits" shop is absolutely amazing...:-)

  5. Those paper animals are great!


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