Friday 22 April 2011


Oh, for Fryin' out loud

Don't be a Bad Egg

Scramble over here and vote for K&C!

Lovely painted eggs - Ko-Ko-Ko Kids

I jest my friends, for the occasion. However, I would be ever so grateful if you would vote for Kickcan & Conkers in the Circle Of Mums competition to find the  World's Top 25 Kids' Style Blogs. I started late so I'm lagging behind and clearly do not have the same clout as many of the big contenders.  One can but try, eh?
You can vote once a day for your favourite blog until May 9th. All you have to do is click here or use the button I've placed in the lefthand sidebar.
Would you vote for me? 

Thanks Chucks!


  1. Oh, JOY!
    I will certainly share this with my
    egg decorating crew this weekend!
    thank you deborah...
    happiness to you :* )

  2. Excellents ces oeufs ! merci pour la technique ! Je m'en vais de ce pas voter pour toi !

  3. Done!

    I'm very glad you sometimes look in my blog)


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