Thursday 20 May 2010

Bonjour !

Bonjour! Bonjour!

The kids are at school, my first load of washing's on the line and I've done an hour's gardening
So, a big hello from sunny South of France (Yes!, le soleil is back!)

I thought we'd get things rollin' with these little gems

1948 Wooden Changeable Charlie

( I do so love these...)

Vintage Animal Alphabet Letters

1940s French Alphabet illustration

All from Sushipotparts

You should also pay another visit to her other shop if you have time, remember?

I love her new black and white collages.

voilà mes amis, I hope you like my Kickcan & Conker-ish start to the day!

Back soon...


  1. Oh good, you're staying in France then? I thought for a moment you were packing your bags and heading for London ;-)

  2. What a lovely post! Very delightful. I love Sushipots blog and work. We got introduced to each other through you, thanks!

  3. i LOVE charlie! want to have him!!! can you show more ways he can look like?

  4. What a wonderful set of gorgeous images to take to bed with me! ;) So glad the sun is shining on you - have a great day! Kx

  5. Aren't all these vintage things just amazing.... I especially love the 1940's French alphabet illustration.... love the shots of France also....makes me want to be there....soon.

  6. Hello Deborah! Thank you for including the finds from my shop in your post today. I'd never seen the "transformations comiques" that you linked back to. Those are amazing! I adore your blog and your inspiring Tumblr.

  7. These vintage finds are lovely! And I am really fond of animal alphabets... in fact, I'll probably be featuring some on animalarium soon.

  8. great alphabet.

  9. Coucou, i've scan "ole"million face :
    and charlie too :


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