Tuesday 25 May 2010

Kangan's Colours

Welcome to the wonderful world
Kangan Arora

Oh my, what an amazing eye for colour, patterns and people!

Kangan studied Fashion Design at the National Institute of Fashion Technology, India, and graduated in 2005.
She is involved in several freelance photography projects and has been selling some of her work through Getty Images.

But that's not all...

Last year, Kangan graduated from Central Saint Martins with another BA in Textile Design

I am totally in love with her cushions, combining traditional techniques like hand-embroidery and appliqué with screenprinting.

Her work challenges the common, stereotypical idea of Indian design, and is fun, fresh and quirky.

Kangan is currently working with Lisa Stickley in South London, learning the ropes before she sets up her own business, hopefully. She will be showing a selection of cushions, greetings cards, tea towels and totes (and maybe prints) at Selvedge's Summer Fair in London (26 June).
I hope I can make it - Kanyan's work has that certain je ne sais quoi that makes it stand out from the crowd, I think.
Definitely one to watch!


  1. C'est une magnifique découverte pour moi. les photos sur flickr sont très splendides, thanks!

  2. She definately has the eye. Glorious use of color in her designs.

  3. the shirts in the second photo are a painting

  4. LOVELY!! I like very much that first photo! Athmosphere is great in all!

  5. et toujours des découvertes pleine de talents!
    j'aime ce graphisme !

  6. forcément cela me parle et me rappelle de beaux souvenirs ...

  7. Love, love, love all this beautiful color.... & the lovely colors you posted Monday.... delicious!!

  8. thanks a lot Deborah!
    Hope to see you at the fair :)

  9. beautiful!!!!!!!
    i'll definately be at the selvedge fair to see this lovely work!


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