Wednesday 19 May 2010

Reusing Reconstruction

Electric, an accordion fold up book
watercolour, collage, pencil on paper, 2008

Amy Wilson is a woman of many talents. Besides teaching in three different departments at The Visual School of Arts in New York City, she draws, exhibits and makes one-of-a-kind and small edition books, such as the one shown above, which I love.

I have this image of myself reaching up, 2009
watercolour, pencil, collage on paper

Amy shows with BravinLee Programs and recently had a public art installation up surrounding a future children's playground in lower Manhattan.

It Takes Time to Turn a Space Around, 2009-2010
Digital print on a 150-foot vinyl banner, based on an original watercolor drawing created for the space

The installation was part of
Re:Construction, a public art initiative recasting construction sites as canvasses for innovative public art and architecture. It was taken down at the end of April but, thanks to Amy, has been given a new lease of life, and is now available for purchase as handmade tote bags!

Sturdy, waterproof and made of 100% recycled materials (barring the thread used to stitch them together), Amy's bags come with a removable tag that identifies them as being part of the public art project. She'll be making 10 a week until she's repurposed her entire installation and puts them in her shop every Wednesday 7pm EDT.

Art from Art - I like it!


  1. Wow I really love this artist's work. Thank you so much for making me aware of her. I especially love her one of a kind books....amazing.

  2. That is a really amazing way to repurpose artwork. So great!


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