Thursday 27 May 2010

Leonie Oakes

Some of you may already be familiar with Tasmanian bookartist, printmaker and teacher Leonie Oakes' work. If you aren't, and you love these paper dresses as much as I do, I 've found an interesting 2-minute film about her collections and use of paper and books for you to watch. I'm sure you'll enjoy it, especially if you liked Miss Clara.

Gallery link via a life lighter


  1. Those dresses are both classic & timeless

  2. Looks great.
    Groet, Helmi

  3. Ces petites robes sont magnifiques !

  4. I really like these dresses. I'm a sucker for anything botanically related. Hard to believe they are paper.

    Her name even sounds like a botanical name!

  5. Wow i really like them!!!
    I love this kind of things ...
    Deborah, thanks for the visit
    ♥ Elena

  6. Bonjour, merci pour toutes ces belles photos. Je découvre votre blog aujourd'hui. J'adore.

  7. Thank you all for the lovely comments. It was a delight to find you had posted my work and made such lovely comments. I have just had a show open at Handmark Gallery on Friday night and was updating my facebook page when I found this site... I have included the link in case anyone is wants to take a look. Thank you again for making my heart sing.


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