Thursday 27 May 2010

Laetitia le Saux

Aren't these soft toys wonderful?
I discovered French illustrator artist/maker Laetitia le Saux's work through this great site

Les Petits Pois sont Rouges

where she sells also sells her beautiful paper collages

Check out Marion Piffereti's sweet paintings and Sonia Lucano's dolls too.
A nice address is you're looking for a unique handmade gift from France!

copyright: Laetitia le Saux


  1. I want one,
    They´re soo funny!
    ♥ Elena

  2. I love them they are great characters.

  3. Oh I love them Deb!! They are just so wonderful!

  4. i really like how original these toys are!
    i LOVE the second one in particular!!


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