Friday 14 May 2010

Nice Things From a Nice Place

Latvieshu Alphabet


Liibieshu Alphabet

The Sun

Latgalieshu Alphabet

The Moon

I really like this postcard range printed on recycled paper and designed by Latvian company Nice Things.
Did you know that there are three official languages in Latvia? I think these three alphabet cards would look striking together in a frame, as would a selection of traditional Latvian patterns.
Nice Things' products are only available in Latvia for the moment, but they do intend to open an online shop.
Send them an email if you'd like to buy something.

And if you haven't already explored this link, now's the time to do so!


  1. Elles sont très belles ces cartes!

  2. you're quite into the latvian stuff lately ;)
    and thank you for investigating - i didn't know any of these links!
    these cards are great!

  3. i love these! they also work together really well . :)

  4. you have a lovely blog. we just mentioned you today with the czech doll shop post. happy weekend!
    x Belle Heir


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