Sunday 2 May 2010

Five Faves #7

Children's Artwork Collage*
A fabulous idea!
Simply Create

Hope you're all enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend!
Time for my Fives Faves!


1) Favourite Upcycled find
Mr Stag- plush wall hanging made from 60/70s bedlinen
A Wooden Tree**

2) Favourite Stationery
Sewn hemp fabric
Can't wait to see how Heather will develop this idea

3) Favourite Paper Engineering / Animation / Optical toys
Everything from Sarabandepress***
Love this Pop-up Gas Station!

Check out Ilisha Helfman's site here and Sarabande's here
You must look at their ole million face page!

4) Favourite dolls
I love each and everyone of them Jenni!

5) Favourite patterns
by kids
for kids

Wonderland - Coordonnée's Kid's Collection


* via Ohdeedoh
**via we3
*** via Uponafold


  1. crumbs, Thank you Deborah, your finds (me excluded) kill me (eg.hemp writing paper) & always inspire me. Thank you for doing what you do.

  2. Wonderful, as ever, thank you for my daily boost.

  3. oooh, j'adore le garage....

  4. I love the Children's Artwork Collage. One day, I'll get one for sure... but first I need a child to make some drawings !

  5. loving all of it!
    it makes me all happy...


  6. Dear Deborah!
    I love this Children´s Artwork Collage.. and your blog is great!!
    Thank you so much for your post about my work the other day!
    I was really touched when I came back today and read through your comments... Thank you!

  7. They are all wonderful but I'm totally intrigued by the sewn hemp fabric. Thanks for these Deb :) Kx

  8. What a lovely surprise Deborah - my daughter will be absolutely delighted that her Mr Stag is here (it's secretly one of my favourites too!!) Lovely!

  9. thank you so much for posting the Artwork Collages! Someone told me that you had put it on your site---so glad you like it Your blog is positively beautiful!!!! Johanna


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