Friday 14 May 2010

Quick Link - Pas. Sage

I came across an original handmade doll shop the other day.
Pas. Sage sells an interesting collection of handknitted dolls and mobiles inspired by Françoise Dalto, modern art and doll traditions around the world.
I really like the first one above, it reminds me a bit of Sian Keegan's Girard-inspired dolls and the bottom two "ndebele" dolls, based on the South African tradition of mothers knitting a doll for their sons to give to their fiancée, remind me of Paola McClure's work.

Family mobile parts

Mexican Kachina doll

Japanese doll

More info here (in French)


  1. The Japanese one is very lovely, makes me want to reach for my needles.

  2. i love these dolls, so nice!

  3. Wonderful doll showcase!!!

  4. fantastic! LOVE the japanese doll! thanks for finding such great things to share with us x


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