Monday 3 May 2010

Book Corner - Night Becomes Day

I don't know what the weather's like where you are but the temperature's dropped quite dramatically in the South of France. It looks like we are in for a week of rain too, so I thought I'd show you a few illustrations from one of my favourite children's books, Night Becomes Day.

That's better!

Night Becomes Day

Summary: The progress of time is illustrated by a sequence of objects and themes, including stream/river/ocean and street/highway/bridge.

Written and illustrated by Richard McGuire, 1994

(from my own collection)

Copyright: Richard McGuire, 1994


  1. wow great illustrations & colors

  2. J'adore ce livre aussi ! Les éditions Albin Michel Jeunesse viennent tout juste de l'éditer en français : ) … Très bonne semaine à toi.

  3. Oui, j'avais lu quelque part que ce livre devait être traduit en français mais je me rappelais plus par qui - merci!

  4. Great to see these on here! I have a copy and love it too:) Have you seen 'The Orange Book' that's another fun one by Richard McGuire?
    The weather has turned here in the U.K as well, typical rainy bank holiday monday!!

  5. I can see why it's a favourite, Deb. Just love the illustrations especially :) Kx

  6. He's got such a wonderful sense of style and use of colour! Just love him too!

  7. Really wonderful - quite eastern european looking. The language flows beautifully too.

    I've been meaning to ask - I was looking for some nice, well designed on-line games for Nelly the other day and wondered if you had featured any on would I find them if you had, do you have a label list? Or could you recommend another blog that might have such a list? I've got few favourite sites she goes on (poisson rouge, okido, cbeebies [bien sur!] etc.) but am always looking for more!

  8. Fantastic illustrations wonderful colour, simplicity and yet complex and sophisticated use of light and scale.

  9. Richard McGuire is a great, great illustrator.
    His style is unmistakable. And his work in the "The New Yorker", excellent. I can't forget his film in the movie "Fears of the Dark."

  10. Flora- my kids just aren't interested in online games. The only one I know is Cbeebies!!


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