Monday 31 May 2010

Shop Watch: Chinny Chin Chin

Esther Croak's Spring 10 Collection is absolutely gorgeous, don't you think? And just look at those kids!
Chinny Chin Chin is a line of original and very affordable progressive children's clothing. Esther believes in the merits of using repurposed and vintage fabric as a way of being gentler on the earth's resources, adding that "cutting patterns from quality, repurposed garments or linen infuses the clothing with meaningful layers of existence". I couldn't agree more.
She also plans to sell her sewing patterns so that you can make your own garments based on her designs, isn't that wonderful?
I'm totally in love with those knickers, that blouse, that doily hat...

à suivre de près !


  1. that looks fantastic! but i also like the art of the pictures and the little beauties ;-)

  2. oh the girl is so pretty ...will have a look at the shop now

  3. They are all so adorable (both the clothes and the children!!) I love the whole collection, kinda makes me wish I had children so I had a reason to buy them!! :) Hazel

  4. Wee bit freaked by some very adult poses. Something not quite childlike about them ...

  5. Katie, I think you're right, there's definitely something very adult about some of these photos, but the older girl is very photogenic.


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