Monday 17 May 2010

If You Go Down To The Woods Today...

Abby Hendrickson (Hownowdesign) and Rachael Hetzel (Pistachio Press) have been friends for years. It is not surprising then that they decided to team up professionally and create a new letterpress collection for kids. Their three different woodland animal masks come complete with ribbon and four crayons and are a perfect fun activity for rainy days (which I hope we've seen the last of for a while...) and long Summer holidays. I love the top pheasant!

Available from Abby's shop Hownowdesign & Rachel's Pistachio Press


  1. We love mask so will definately give it a go...

  2. These masks are great...they'll make a perfect gift for some small friends of mine.

  3. le genre de choses que j'aime. comme bcp d'autres ici.


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