Tuesday 25 January 2011


Aroundsquare is a small social enterprise  - not a business - "devoted to healthy development inside and out". It is involved in a variety of endeavours with leverage creativity and learning and strives to provide high quality, beneficial products and services for greater good.

It's founder, educator, eco-toy developer and international consultant Matt Hiebet claims that his toys "’ll knock the ever-blinkin lights right out of the cheap plastic disposable whizimagig that’s collecting dust at the back of your closet". You've probably already seen or perhaps bought his award-winning Twig building blocks, but it's his colourful Goodwood Deconstruction Blocks that caught my eye. 

 Committed to sustainability, aroundsquare's  Goodwood sets are made from forest-friendly wood in a small, ethically run Chinese factory (yes, that's right, China). You can even donate a playset to a childcare centre in the developing world for just $12.

Simple, no-fuss packaging, colourful and sustainable - One I will obviously be keeping an eye on!



  1. ooo bright and cheerful, perfect on this dull day here in DK whilst my daughter sleeps off some bug or other... ta for your continuing reports on all things magical in the creative world... :)

  2. Absolutely love the whole concept. Great product for an even greater project.

  3. perfect for a mathematical person...


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