Sunday 23 January 2011

Five Faves #42

Hide and Seek Wallpaper Collection by Mr Perswall*

Hello again
 So, it's been and gone the weekend, just about
I hope you're all feeling relaxed, refreshed and raring to go...
Shall we?

1) Favourite Combination - Painted Wood, Modern with Just a Touch of Colour

Favourite Peek at a New Design - Jurianne Matter's Beautiful Little Trees**

3) Favourite Cute Creatures - Jenni's Ever-Growing Troupe

Favourite New-Look Blog -  Le sublime Estaminet Coquet

Voilà, à demain!



  1. Love these 5 favs today Deb! Studio Fludd's work is always a treat and glad to have found some new blogs you mentioned here too.

  2. Love the hide & seek wallpaper & the great little fox! Have a great week Deb!

  3. thank you Deb, mouse & fox are very happy to be amongst such fine the little trees!

  4. I just received a set of three brooches I bought from Studio Fludd, and they are just wonderful - you can create a little installation on your chest by overlapping them slightly! Such simple design done so very well.


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