Friday 28 January 2011

Let's Golo

Well, just because I've made it through to the finals of The Homies and I'm trying to drum up some support (a huge thanks to those who've already voted), doesn't mean to say that we can't have a bit of fun around here. I mean, that's what it's all about isn't it?
So, I have a new Czech word for you - GOLO, nice in'it? 

What's even nicer is all the wonderful things you can make with it, I mean, with a GOLO

And what's nicer still is that GOLOS are both child and environment-friendly (3 years and up) EN-certified eco-toys made by people who care.
I want a GOLO, don't you?

You really should have a look at the rest of Karel Makovsky's site, there are some lovely wooden jigsaws and toys on there. Thank you once again Marie for sharing such wonderful treasures!


  1. Ce jeu est magnifique. Les combinaisons sont incroyables. Tu as essayé de commander ? Pas simple...
    J'ai voté pour toi !! Bises.

  2. These are so fun! Love this kind of bold graphic style :) Kx

  3. Oh, Deborah, I am happy that the toys by Czech authors like. I like this blog, sometimes I look and I rejoice in your discovery.
    And I voted for you also. Marie

  4. I want all of them . . . greedy I know, but still !


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