Tuesday 11 January 2011

Petit Pierre

Just before Christmas we took Miles and Savannah to Grammont, outside Montpellier, to see Petit Pierre, a magical play by Maud Hufnagel and Lucie Nicolas.
Pierre Avezard (1909-1992), Petit Pierre, was born deaf, dumb and "with eyes not where they should be". Unable to follow at school and subject to much mockery from  other children, he was sent to look after cows, his companions for many years, outside the village at the age of seven.

Pierre Avezard had a very special gift. In 1937 he began to build his manège, a merry-go-round made from scraps of metal, wire, wood, anything and everything he could find. He was clever, creative, funny and a poet. It took him 40 years to complete his work, including his own Eiffel Tower, visible in this video (please watch at least some of it) and now moved and on display at the Fabuloserie (has anyone been I wonder?).

Savannah and Miles were well and truly captivated by the performance, the simple, beautiful scenography and the ingenuity of this very special man and his life story. A memorable moment for us all, I wish you could have watched it too!


  1. it´s so wonderful and touching what this man has created. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Wow!!! So inspirational. thank you so much for sharing this whimsical delight :)

  3. Wonderful! I had come across Petit Pierre in this film http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0KfizuUQN0 before, but this is just beautiful. I'd love to visit that Fabuloserie too :)
    Thanks Deborah :)

  4. oh yes this is sooo beautiful, full of life, clever and playfull, thanks.

  5. Comme toujours c'est avec trois fois rien et une pincée de "génie" que naissent des petites merveilles... En voilà encore un bel exemple...

  6. Stunningly wonderful and inspiring,you made my day Deb x

  7. SUPERBE!!! J'ai vu il y a quelques années le magnifique manège de petit Pierre, lovely souvenirs !!!

  8. Thank you for sharing...he must have been a wonderful & magical person. His impact has left a lasting impression, as I will remember this always

  9. ah voila un lieu que je dois absolument visiter depuis quelques années !

  10. Beautiful and very moving! Thank you for sharing this!

  11. Oh boy Deborah!
    That video, all those wonderful moving figures
    will brighten any one's day!
    I'm sharing this will some good friends: mom, dad,
    girl and boy twins, who live in Italy.
    If i haven't already told you, YOU ARE A MASTER!


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