Saturday 15 January 2011

Just Teasing

Pablo Picasso

Minka Podhajska
"Series of Personifications of Childhood Misdeeds"

Pablo Picasso

Alma Siedhoff-Busher
"Ball Games"

Joaquin Torres-Garcia

Just a taste of what's to come...
Do you remember me telling you how much I'd love to have gone to see The Toys of The Avant Garde Exhibition in Malaga?
Well, fly over now to Mondo-blogo and feast your eyes on the jaw-droppingly wonderful (no, no words can describe how much I love this sort of thing) set of catalogue scans posted there.
Oh-là, sacré billet!
I'm OK, 
Taking deep breaths, 
Ecstatic that I've saved enough pocket money to buy my own copy too


  1. RE-member what I said about you last time? ,
    You are the best at finding the best.
    Those toys are out of this world!
    Really. how excited are you? :• ❫

  2. I'm with cristina, you're the master. Thank you Deb these are so wonderful!! I'm loving the misdeeds and the money boxes just to know a few!!xo

  3. I love the Minka Podhajska wooden figurines. Wow. These are not for my kid.. rather for me. lol! Great post, looking forward to what you've got in the works! Happy weekend.

  4. Whooeee! I need to get my hands on that exhibit catalog. I wish I could see it in person too. Oh boy do I love this sort of thing also! Thanks for the tease. (Just had to included one of the lovely toys in a post). :)

  5. Amazing!
    Just ordered a copy!

    Thanks again for yet another great post!

  6. hello!
    imposible faire un comm sur le blog, torres garcia etait un genious et le billet sur blogo mondo c'est très complet. Merci bcp!!!
    bonne journée

  7. J'ai été aussi très tentée de prendre un billet pour Malaga. Si l'expo déménage à Valence, ce sera juste un peu moins loin... donc possible, non ? A suivre.


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