Friday 28 January 2011

Soaring Love

Miss Mimoko you make me smile.
Your work just keeps on getting better and better!
Hands up those who'd love to have one of Misako's handmade Valentine's greeting kites...
Yes, I'm not surprised, but she's only making seven, so do keep an eye on her shop, they fly off fast.

I hope you all have a wonderful, fun and relaxing weekend. Please don't forget to vote for Kickcan & Conkers in the Homies, it won't take a tick, and I'd be extremely grateful. Thanks!


  1. Is that every so cute!! Oh no.. I think they're already sold out. : (

  2. Chantale, she pops them in her shop when she's finished one, I don't think she's made 7 yet.

  3. They are so light and happy... Kx

  4. Eva is one of my favourites too! Such an amazing talent and a sweet lady to boot.

  5. WOW!!!! what an amazing and lovely surprise Deborah!!! :D
    Thank you ♥ You've made my day.
    I'm so pleased with all the nice comments about these kites.

    Yeah!, you're right I only popped two kites to the shop, I'm going to finish some more this weekend, and the rest within the week. I didn't expect such a warm reception!! It's taken me completely by surprise! :)

    PD: Congrats for being throught the top 10!!
    I've just voted for you. I'm a big K&C fan :)

    Wish you a fun and relaxing weekend to you too!!

    *Thanks ameskeria and Sandra Eterovic, so nice of you!!
    You are some of my favs too ♥

  6. I really enjoy the creativity on your blog, get my second child in may and find your posts very inspiring!
    Also recommended your blog on mine, check it out!

    Greetings from Vienna!

  7. happy weekend! loved the collars and ties post!

  8. Kites make me think spring! Oh, I have a bad case of cabin fever here in snow-bound New England. Enjoying your posts.


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