Friday 7 January 2011

Deb the Treb

Gosh, my secret's out, my family nickname, a source of much amusement for all those in the know!
Time to reveal my curiosity for cannon balls, catapults and castles, sparked by a trip to the wonderful Baux de Provence, a few years ago. Later discoveries in  Beynac, Carcassonne and The Royal Armouries in Leeds furthered my interest in medieval siege machines (that's right!), transforming me into a Trebuchet-loving girl, fascinated by the cogs and wheels of siege towers, petards and battering rams.

No wonder then that Joel's homemade wooden catapult toy sent my heart a flutter!

Now, although this looks simple enough to build and I'm from a long line of carpenters, I have a feeling that I'd be better at making the munition rather than the machine.This got me thinking and a-searching for catapult kits for me and my boys. I found a couple of simple ones

and lo and behold ,I even found a few nice  toy trebuchets!

My birthday's in August by the way...


  1. These are so great, we where at Baux de Provence 3 years ago and I thought it was very impresive...I can see how your love started there! The girls have a catapult from lego but I prefer these wood ones.


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