Monday 3 January 2011

Thou Shall Hev A Fishy When The Boat Comes In

 Hey, it's Colour My Monday time! Are you ready?

I thought we'd turn to the sea for some bright and cheery inspiration this morning, starting with this fun book-object from Portuguese publishing house Bruaá Editora.

"O Arenque Fumado " (The Smoked Herring) is illustrated by André da Loba and based on a 19th Century poem by Charles Cros. As far as I can tell it's only available in Portugal for the moment but you can contact Bruaá if you're interested.

Dance ti' thy daddy, sing ti' thy mammy,
Dance ti' thy daddy, ti' thy mammy sing;
Thou shall hev a fishy on a little dishy,
Thou shall hev a fishy when the boat comes in.

I also like these beautiful distressed letters and chairs made from recycled fishingboat wood that I discovered at Raw Materials*, a Dutch treasure trove of unusual vintage and recycled furniture, textiles and accessories for the home, definitely worth checking out.

 Happy Browsing!


  1. Je vous souhaite une excellente année, Deborah. Je suis heureuse de vous rencontrer via vos trouvailles colorées si particulières et qui m'ont inspirée cette année... Merci

    oui, la vie est belle ....

  2. I will have to re blog those chairs!

  3. I can confirm it, it's a great book:-)
    Happy new year, dear Deb!

  4. Lovely finds, the recycled wood chairs have so much character!

  5. These are great, so u got someone asking u for vintage furniture from here?? I tell u I am going to open the first shop in Gran canaria, keep it top secret haha...I just wish people back here appreciate more and more this so much loved look so i could open the business and see it grow...regards from sunny paradise!!


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