Sunday 9 January 2011

Through The Round Window

It's a shame I couldn't go inside the wash house in our village to get a closer look at Laure Essinger's "Argonautes" installation yesterday (and a shame that I broke my new camera before Christmas...).

If you look closely in the second photo you'll see chalk drawings done by Savannah's school last week. Our village may be small and quiet at times but it's full of artists and wonderful, creative people, hence our decision to move here two years ago.


  1. absolutely breathtaking...and my theme for this year is supposed to be BREATHE! I'll let this one slide...truly amazing...

  2. What are these strange things like conch shells? love the birds by Dionisy Purta on your link

  3. Yes, Hazel, they're huge shells made out of paper. Laure makes her own paper from plants she collects in the region.I'd love to see them close-up. Looked nice lit up when we drove past last night.

  4. Round windows are so pretty!
    We have two in the market cafe at my work
    in my flickr favs i've some too and


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