Sunday 23 January 2011


It does you good to stay at home sometimes
Pottering and playing 
Here and now
Miles is full of cold but braved the bitter wind to visit Savannah's pretend shop under an olive tree
I cleaned, emptied, sorted and sorted again
So much stuff, cluttering our lives
We've found a huge old French buffet / cupboard for the kitchen
I think I'll paint it white
Or grey

What have you been up to this weekend?


  1. Eating tartelettes, taking care of Pops who is a bit ill, celebrating and today i'll go off for the day to meet lots of horses.

    i love to sort and bringing new furniture into our home

    (i'm looking for a little egg basket in the shape of a chicken made from wire, it is soooo french. Can't find them here. Any ideas????)

    xx Guusje

  2. Hi Deb, gorgeous items, and brilliant photos - makes me want to get organised too. I'd love to see the French buffet when it is painted! Grey or white sound amazing.
    The weekend has been relaxing - I've been restoring furniture mostly... not feeling the love yet, but the toughest parts (pulling out staples and old nails) is nearly over. ha ha.

  3. beautiful!!!!!

    I've been chasing bandwallas
    ( ) and drinking lemonade :)

  4. we've been decorating and sorting out our house a little bit, catching up on emails and work, making changes and blogging again after a little break - january has flown by!

    happy new year deb, by the way.

  5. Oh those photos! As I scrolled down each one it was *oh*, *oh* and *oh*! ;) Just lovely, Deb. We were gardening and pruning huge amounts of rosemary, which I have now got all bagged up in the freezer (looking suspiciously like something else!) :)) Kx

  6. A wonderful thing the internet - thank you for these precious comments from India, Australia, The Netherlands and The UK.

  7. lovely photos!

    i was working and planning=
    had fun :)
    take care!


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